Service Offerings

Service offerings

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Our Services

Our service offerings best align to a concept called vCISO services. A full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can cost upwards to $300,000. For most small to medium sized businesses, the benefits of this does not outweigh the costs. A vCISO can help an organization strategize, plan, and execute a properly aligned cyber security program.

Strategy Planning

Want to build or improve your cyber security strategy/program? We can help you develop an effective process-driven product.

Security Training

Need to train your employees? Have regulatory compliance training requirements? We can help you tackle this problem with tailored content.

Security Assessments

Have a suspicion of an intruder in your network? We can eradicate that problem and give recommendations on how to protect your assets going forward.

Threat Intelligence

Coming soon…

Our Service value

At APL Cyber Enterprise, we separate ourselves from other providing similar services from that fact that our services can be purchased a-la-carte or packaged together. Contact us and let us customize a solution that will be perfect for your company.

the threat is real

The threat of cyber crime is real and the time is now to take control of your company’s most precious assets. The potential negative exposure from a hack can be debilitating to your company, its monetary value and the company reputation. Please contact us for more information and we can customize to your company’s needs. Don’t become another statistic.